The highlights of my photographic work and the stories behind the photographs are published in my books On the Road in Europe (January 2024) and Surprising Europe (June 2020).
On the Road in Europe - Unforgettable Scenic Road Trips
Happiness is found in the little things – and in being on the road in Europe. Travel and landscape photographer Sabine de Milliano drove more than 150,000 kilometres to explore what Europe has to offer. 
In On the Road in Europe she shares her six favourite road trips through 25 countries and shows that you do not have to travel far for beautiful scenery, memorable encounters, and unforgettable experiences. From a surprisingly exciting week in the Benelux to a month of fantastic adventures in the Balkans, the colourful photographs and short travel stories in this book will inspire you to hit the road as well, wherever you want to go next in Europe.
Get ready for some unforgettable scenic road trips!

ISBN: 9789089899774
Published by Uitgeverij Terra, January 2024

Surprising Europe - A Photographic Journey
Fuelled by unbridled curiosity and a strong drive to push back boundaries, travel and landscape photographer Sabine de Milliano spent 100,000 kilometres on the road to find out what Europe has to offer. During a series of adventurous road trips, she visited various hidden gems, famous landmarks, and remote regions on the edges of the continent. Sabine discovered how surprisingly beautiful Europe actually is – even all those destinations that suffer from a questionable reputation. The most inspiring, spectacular and surprising scenes have been captured in this book, which shows the great diversity in European landscapes as a captivating photographic story.

ISBN: 9789089898227
Published by Uitgeverij Terra, June 2020

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