Photography is able to convey a powerful message. By capturing a place unknown or inaccessible to others and sharing your photographs and stories, you can really change someone's view of that place. The scary unknown gets a face, which is most often a very positive one. This is my main motivation for travel photography.
I am specialised in landscape and travel photography of Europe. In recent years I have explored all 50 European countries during a series of adventurous road trips spanning over 150,000 kilometres of driving in total.
Vast areas in Europe are unknown or forgotten, with only their (bad) reputation existing in the minds of others. By capturing Europe's remote corners and off-the-beaten-track destinations in beautiful imagery, I aim to put these places in a different, sunnier perspective.

About me
As a creative engineer I love to combine art with technology. Photography provides that ideal combination to me. I started photographing in 2005 and soon became a part-time event and commercial photographer during my time at Delft University of Technology. In that period I also got a special interest in various image editing techniques and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography — tools that I use to fully capture the beauty of a place.
Over the past 19 years I have gained experience in many fields of photography, but my true passion has remained the same: capturing the emotion of places worth sharing.
Next to photography I am an entrepreneur and consultant at my own company Knalblauw.​​​​​​​

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